DUI: Dead In 5 Seconds

Russell Turner

Watching children play on a playground, it's almost impossible to imagine that they may one day be killed by a drunk driver. It's just as impossible to imagine you're the driver. But every 30 minutes it happens to someone.

Russell Turner knows firsthand. His 19-year-old son, Jeremy, was killed instantly in a car accident involving a driver under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Russell Turner shares his tragedy in DUI: Dead in 5 Seconds as a poignant reminder that driving under the influence is a choice. It's a choice that has possible life-long consequences. Steven Leslie knows first-hand. He's spending 17 years to life in prison for Jeremy's death.

DUI: Dead in 5 Seconds is a realistic portrayal of drinking and its effects through a montage of images-some graphic-and interviews. Viewers will be moved by Steven Leslie's candid comments and a reading of a remorseful letter to the victim's family. Together, these glimpses into affected people's lives make DUI: Dead in 5 Seconds a moving video you'll never forget. That's what Russell Turner wants, because drunk driving accidents are preventable.

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SpecificationsRussell Turner, 2000
18 minutes, fully narrated