Forensics: You Decide

Sometimes the same set of evidence can tell two very different stories. This series delves deep into the forensics of criminal cases where two sets of experts must battle it out to find the truth.

In the end, the jury gives its verdict: guilty or innocent. Which interpretation of the evidence do you believe? You decide.


  • Blood Brothers - A fight between brothers is followed by a single gunshot, ending one life and destroying another. Is this a tragic case of suicide or deadly fraternal passion? The forensic experts on each side battle it out. Who do you think got it right?
  • Caught on Tape - An apartment in downtown Baltimore erupted into flames. Inside, firefighters find makeup artist Marcus Rogers badly beaten and clinging to life. When investigators check the surveillance tapes they think they've got their man, but are their eyes lying?
  • Nature's Evidence - Two children vanish without a trace. Months later, their bodies are discovered near a local cemetery. Police suspect the stepfather is behind the crime but the defense says he's wrongly accused. Watch as forensic experts battle over the evidence.
  • Deadly Kiss - A teenage girl heads out to a concert and never comes home. The case goes cold, but years later, the last man she was seen with becomes the prime suspect. The defense claims there's no direct evidence linking him to the crime. Who do you believe?
  • Silent Witness - A tow truck driver finds his high school sweetheart brutally murdered adn his own dogs beaten nearly to death. But investigators aren't convinced he's innocent and the injured dogs might hold the key to solving the homicide in the end.
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SpecificationsInvestigation Discovery, 2011
215 minutes, fully narrated

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