New York's Rescues 5 DVD Set


5 DVD set with videography by Joseph Epstein.

Rescue 1: Released August 5th, 1998. All action is in Manhattan. See 5th alarm on Easter Sunday, 1998. Also a 3rd alarm, an all hands, a pin/job/DOA, a building collapse, lady pinned underneath a bus, interviews and more. 60 minutes, narrated and hear all radio communications.

Rescue 2: Released June 1st, 1998. All action video with the members of Rescue 2. See members checking scuba gear, listen to a 12 year veteran give an interview about R2, ride the streets of Brooklyn with Rescue 2 and roll up on an All Hands. Also an All Hands with extra truck & engine, a 2nd alarm and a 3rd alarm with heavy, heavy fire. 60 minutes with narration and all radio traffic.

Rescue 3 & Collapse Unit: Released March, 1999 with footage from 1998-1999. Hop into the Bronx's Rescue 3 and Collapse unit and ride the streets with RESCUE 3. Watch as members drill on the Search Cam, hear interviews with members of RESCUE 3. You will also roll up on collapses, major alarms with heavy fire and go over the Collapse rig, compartment by compartment with a R3 member. 60 minutes with narration and FDNY radio traffic.

Rescue 4: Released October, 1999. Footage 1998-1999, Queen's, New York. You will hear from members of R4 about tools/saws, the Rabbit Tool and hear 3 different interviews from members. You will see a collapse, an overturned truck on the LIE along with three 2nd alarms, four 4th alarms plus some inside footage. You will also see and hear from Capt. Hickey and R4 members drilling on airbags at the LI Railroad Yard. 60 minutes with radio traffic, narration, live sound.

Rescue 5: Jump in the back and go on some rides with Rescue 5. You will respond on two 3rd alarm fires with very heavy fire. See the members dress and button up in the rig and hear all radio transmissions in the unit & on fireground. 45 minutes.

Hear all radio transmissions. All 5 DVD's in one package!

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SpecificationsAdvanced Video, 2011
5 DVDs
285 minutes, radio transmissions

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