Recovering From Traumatic Events: Healing Process

This educational video represents recovered survivors and therapists discussing their experiences with the healing process after traumatic events. It sensitively portrays insights into the impact of trauma on the survivors' lives, however, the main focus of the film is on what helped or did not help them during the healing process.

Survivors of trauma often have difficulty believing that they will ever recover. This film provides a message of hope, as well as first-hand information on what was helpful to others in similar situations. The video is useful to both therapists and survivors in guiding their recovery efforts in a positive direction. Family members and community will also learn how they can assist in the recovery of their friends, loved ones and neighbors.

The six therapists featured are members of the International Society For Traumatic Stress Studies: Peg Christopher, Ph.D., Marlene E. Coach, Ed. D., M.S.W, Charles R. Figley, Ph. D., Chalsa M. Loo, Ph. D., Frank M. Ochberg, M.D., David P. Ribbe, Ph. D.

Suitable for training or classroom.

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SpecificationsGift From Within, 2001
32 minutes, fully narrated

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