Bombs, Bullets & Fraud

The U.S. Postal Service can be a dangerous, even deadly, place to work. Millions of packages pass through every day and not just cards and letters to loved ones. Some of the packages contents are downright bizarre, occasionally lethal!

Learn what people send through the mail and the modern forensics used to find the perpetrators.

The oldest, yet least known federal law enforcement agency (founded in 1772), the Postal Inspectors Unit is the father of modern crime investigation, from helping capture train robbers in 1923 and shutting down the first Ponzi scheme to capturing the Unabomber in 1995, investigating anthrax hoaxes and solving murders.

Agents literally put their lives on the line, carrying badges and high-powered guns, to deal with serial killers, bootleggers and con artists.

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SpecificationsSmithsonian Networks, 2009
81 minutes, fully narrated