Commercial sprinklers save property, home fire sprinklers SAVE LIVES

Why the interest in home fire sprinklers? The three most important things in surviving a fire are: smoke alarms, a family escape plan, and, if you have them, home fire sprinklers. Due to a number of factors, where you might have had 10-15 minutes to get out of a burning building in the past, today, you may have as little as 3 minutes to get out. READ MORE

The Good Morning America video: ABC News' Alex Perez reviews top tips that could save your life during a devastating house fire. The challenges of newer homes with open floor plans and synthetic materials, with the suggestion - keep doors closed. WATCH THE VIDEO

Side-by-side demonstration An excellent video prepared by the St. Paul Minnesota Fire Department that shows two rooms, one protected by a sprinkler system, and one not protected. CLICK HERE

Interested in the home fire sprinkler requirements in your state? Required in the states of California and Maryand and the District of Columbia and in varying degrees in most other states. To see them all CLICK HERE

Sprinkler Success Stories: How frequently do sprinklers save lives and property - very frequently. These stories document the effectiveness of sprinkler systems and serve as testimonies that can effect legislative change. To see them: CLICK HERE

State Sprinkler Coalitions: NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative provides links to state-based organizations dedicated to advocating for home fire sprinklers. These Web pages support the coalition's efforts while providing useful resources and sprinkler news stories with a local focus. To see if your state is listed CLICK HERE

The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition: the #1 resource for accurate, noncommercial information and materials for consumers and professionals.
Fire Sprinkler Facts (frequently asked questions, home fire sprinklers facts video, fire sprinkler myths)
How Fire Sprinklers Work (How Much Water, Heat Activates Fire Sprinklers, How Sprinklers Work)
Fire Sprinklers Are a Good Idea (Fire and Sprinkler Side-By-Side Burn Demonstration, People at High Risk, Materials from Other Organizations)
Getting Fire Sprinklers (Building with Home Fire Sprinklers, Retrofitting a Home)
Basic Fire Sprinkler Information (Virtual Sprinklered House, Ask For Home Fire Sprinklers, Future of Fire Safety Brochure, HFSC Espanol, Fire Sprinklers are Green, Sprinkler Smarts for Kids, History of Fire Sprinklers Video, Home Fire Timeline - U.S.
Living with Sprinklers (Know Your Water Controls, Inspect Your Sprinklers, Protect Your Sprinklers, Water Flow Testing, Living with Sprinklers Video, Living with Sprinklers in CA.
To access this website CLICK HERE

The National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) Residential Fire Sprinkler Virtual Help Desk. A cornucopia of resources discussing all aspects of home fire sprinklers aimed at home owners, policy makers, water purveyors, community stakeholders, builders and contractors, inspectors. To access this website CLICK HERE

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)'s Fire Sprinkler Initiative aims to increase the number of new, one- and two-family homes protected by sprinklers. Launched in 2009 at the request of fire service officials and other sprinkler advocates, the advocacy campaign helps stakeholders navigate the code-making and legislative process to get sprinkler requirements in new homes passed in their communities. This website offers an array of free research and resources that help sprinkler advocates underscore the life-saving impact of home fire sprinklers. NFPA also assists state-based sprinkler coalitions and Canadian advocates in convincing the public, code-adopting bodies, and legislators that sprinklers are needed in homes, where people have the greatest risk of dying from fire. These resources are complemented by NFPA's social media channels that disseminate news underscoring the home fire problem, sprinkler saves, and tactics for successful advocacy and sprinkler adoption. To access this website CLICK HERE

Fire Team USA is a special day and a half informational / training conference on fire protection and your community. Fire Team USA is about bringing resources to help you enhance the fire protection that your community offers. Creating partnerships in the community and working with all stakeholders is important to improving the public policy on fire protection. All you have to do is coordinate your team, sign up, and show up! To access this website CLICK HERE

The International Residential Code (IRC) Fire Sprinkler Coalition Website. The IRC Fire Sprinkler Coalition advocates fire sprinkler protection for all new homes. The Coalition coordinated the efforts of more than 100 public safety organizations to win approval of a home fire sprinkler requirement in the International Residential Code, and the Coalition has an ongoing mission to promote adoption of this requirement by state and local jurisdictions. To access this website CLICK HERE

This is a work in progress. We welcome your suggestions for websites that deal with home fire sprinklers, and please spread the word.
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