A Moment In Time

A Moment In Time


by Thomas Dunne

Jim is a New York City firefighter wrestling with the challenges of urban living and the stresses of a dangerous occupation.  But he is also battling demons within himself.

Is something from the past actually lurking deep inside him or are the vague memories of indistinct people and intense flashbacks of unfamiliar objects mere illusions? Can he share such thoughts with Laura, the woman in his life, whose affluent background contrasts sharply with his working-class roots? In A Moment in Time, you will crawl down burning hallways and experience the hidden side of New York City. It explores the underbelly of urban existence and portrays an intimate view of the world of firefighting. But it also examines what it means to share and to love and addresses a broader existential question. Is it possible that our current lives are merely extensions of previous incarnations?

Thomas Dunne is a retired Deputy Chief and a 33 year veteran of the New York City Fire Department. He is the author of Notes From the Fireground, a memoir of his experiences in the city. His writing has appeared in the New York Daily News and he has published numerous magazine articles. His work as an FDNY firefighter along with a background of growing up in Brooklyn have provided him with a unique perspective of urban living. He still lives near New York and is currently lecturing throughout the country. His website is www.chieftomdunne.com

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SpecificationsIngram Books, 2023
6" x 9" softcover
253 pages
ISBN: 9781627204170

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