All Hazards Disaster Response Course Manual 2/e

All Hazards Disaster Response Course Manual, 2nd Edition


National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)

With critical new content and engaging analysis on modern disasters, NAEMT's All Hazards Disaster Response, Second Edition, is a comprehensive and interactive training resource to prepare EMS professionals for disaster scenarios in any region. In just eight hours, clinicians learn to analyze potential threats, assess resources, and create a solid response plan to save lives. Whether confronted with natural disasters, hazmat incidents, infectious diseases, or hostile events, they will be prepared to establish command structure, evaluate available resources, and communicate effectively with dispatch and fire departments.
The second edition builds on the first edition and features even more of what EMS professionals must know during 21st-century disasters:

  • New chapter on mass-casualty incidents, including those with active shooters 
  • New chapter on explosions and blast injuries, with clear advice on PPE and triage
  • New chapter on EMS roles and responsibilities from start to finish during disasters
  • New chapter on the Incident Command System, its components, and roles
  • New section on multisystem trauma with a focus on special patient populations 
  • Updated content on natural disasters, hazardous materials, nuclear disasters, and infectious diseases and biological disasters

Invest in the premier course in disaster management to empower clinicians with evidence-based knowledge, skills they can use on arrival, and the confidence to care for multiple patients. Whether they're first on scene or arrive with others, EMS professionals trained in NAEMT's All Hazards Disaster Response, Second Edition, will know immediately how to care for patients while keeping themselves, their team, and the public safe during a disaster.

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SpecificationsJones & Bartlett Learning, 2024
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
132 pages, color photos
ISBN: 9781284297621

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