All Walks of Life (and Death)

All Walks of Life (and Death)

When you see a fire truck, an ambulance, or a law enforcement vehicle screaming down the road with their lights and sirens blaring, where are they going?

What if you can find out what type of emergency calls first-responders go to on a daily basis?

What if you could get a sneak peak behind the curtain to see exactly what kind of scenario they are running in to?

This book will expose you to the typical life of a firefighter or paramedic, or even a law enforcement officer. You will see how the author got started in the field and had an exhilarating forty-two years on the job highlighting the good, the bad, the sad, the ugly, and the downright messed up world a first-responder is exposed to. This book will show you that everyone from all walks of life will have some type of emergency and how responders provide the same level of care and support to all.

In this book,

EMT, Paramedic, and Law Enforcement recruits will learn:

- What you may encounter during your career

- How to deal with total strangers that are seeking your help

- How to handle difficult situations you will encounter

- Why it is important to work well with your co-workers

- Why you will experience the most fulfilling and satisfying career available

The average citizen will learn:

- The emotional trauma first-responders are exposed to

- Why first-responders are such a tight-knit group?

- What it is like to actually save the life of a complete stranger

- What first-responders are exposed to on a daily basis

- Why first-responders have a dark sense of humor

Current or retired first-responders will:

- Enjoy comparing notes with their career

- Have a good laugh along with some of the stranger calls you can relate to

- Shed a tear when a story hits home with you as it triggers remembering a similar situation

- Have the opportunity to share with friends and family a summary of what your career is all about by having them read this book

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SpecificationsIngram Books, 2021
6" x 8" softcover
284 pages
ISBN: 9781734805369

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