Bang Boom Burn

Bang Boom Burn


Wayne M Miller

Explosive true crime gun, bombing,
and arson cases from a federal agent's career

In his second book, Wayne M. Miller explores some of his most remarkable and high-profile horrific gun, bombing, and arson cases spanning his 25 year career in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. 

In Bang Boom Burn, you'll delve into cases including:

  • Undercover assignments that turn dangerous on a dime

  • A suburban house full of stolen machine guns

  • Unbelievably shocking bombings that killed and maimed

  • Arson investigations with a variety of suspects and motives

  • And, some humorous situations

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“A great read...the thrill, fear and adrenaline rush of undercover work, the sadness, gruesomeness and despair investigating violent deaths and the highs of making the big case!" -- MICHAEL J. CRISP, Major, Deputy Commander of Investigations, Massachusetts State Police (Ret)


“BANG BOOM BURN is an interesting and captivating great read as Wayne walks you through the intricacies and difficulties of the investigative processes with precision and emotion!" -- JOE FINN, Commissioner/Chief of the Department (Ret), Boston Fire Department member 35+ years


“Realistic, revealing and entertaining … more true life than true crime. Required reading for anyone in law enforcement." -- KEVIN CULLEN, Columnist for The Boston Globe, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Co-author of The New York Times bestseller Whitey Bulger

SpecificationsWayne M Miller, 2021
6" x 9" Softcover
323 pages,
ISBN: 9781733340359

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