Fire Service Law 2nd ed.

Fire Service Law, 2nd Edition

By Lawrence T. Bennett
The frequency of lawsuits in the private and public sectors is proliferating, and the fire service is not immune. The protections afforded by Sovereign Immunity have eroded, and fire departments are rightfully being held to quality standards. They face an increasing number of responsibilities that expose them to litigation. Given his legal background and ongoing active role in the fire service, the author is in a unique position to provide expertise on how to avoid legal problems by learning from the experiences of others. The second edition of Fire Service Law continues to provide much-needed coverage of the key areas in which a firefighter or fire department is likely to encounter litigation.

The fundamental legal principles presented will serve as an excellent foundation for proper decision making and protocol in a fire service organization. The real-life case studies and relevant examples taken from today’s headlines are valuable tools in the study of fire and EMS law. End-of-chapter review questions correspond to the case studies, and Expand Your Learning exercises are included for student and group assignments.
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SpecificationsWaveland Press, 2017
7" x 10" softcover
404 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4786-3397-6

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