Fire Trucks In Action 2024 16 mo Calendar

Fire Trucks in Action 2024 Calendar, 16 Month Calendar (Sept 2023 - Dec 2024)


Larry Shapiro

Long-time emergency-services expert and photographer Larry Shapiro is your guide to the hero-making world of firefighting.  Fire Trucks in Action 2024 features on-scene photography of fire trucks in the heat of action.  This 16-month calendar features an informative caption for every image, detailing the vehicles pictured and the firefighter's emergency responses.  Includes a convenient page that shows the months of September, October, November, and December 2023, followed by individual pages for the months of 2024.


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SpecificationsMotorbooks International, 2023
17" x 12", opening to 17" x 24"
ISBN: 9780760384602