Reimagining Blue

Reimagining Blue


Kristen Ziman

Reimagining Blue is a passionate and personal analysis of a misunderstood profession from the vantage point of female police chief Kristen Ziman.

Ziman credits her colorful childhood for the temperament that led her to gravitate toward policing, a profession where chaos is all in a day's work.  Many times, she learned life and leadership lessons through the revelation of what not to do.

But nothing could have prepared Kristen for the turmoil that would unfold during her tenure.  A mass shooting, a pandemic and civil unrest that threatened the trusting relationship between her department and her community became her greatest professional challenges. 

This deeply moving memoir is a story of resilience and perseverance in policing - and in life.  It's a raw and honest portrayal told by a flawed human about a noble profession suffering an identity crisis.  Reimagining Blue is an urgent call to find a way forward, not because the system is broken, but because it can always be better.

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SpecificationsAmplify Publishing, 2022
5 1/2" x 8 1/2" Hardcover
242 pages
ISBN: 9781637551257