Tactical Medicine Essentials Second Edition

Designed for EMS and medical professionals of all levels of training, Tactical Medicine Essentials, Second Edition provides the foundation needed to become a world-class tactical medical provider (TMP). Written by an experienced team of authors from diverse backgrounds, this text covers the essential curriculum of tactical medicine, including tactical patient assessment, expedient extrication and evacuation, and self-defense skills. The Second Edition thoroughly prepares medical professionals to safely accompany a SWAT unit into the tactical environment.

Current, State-of-the-Art Medical Content for the Tactical Environment

The rapidly changing tactical environment requires specialized rapid assessment techniques. The tactical patient assessment process is presented in a single, comprehensive chapter to ensure that students understand how to rapidly apply this specialized process to patients in the tactical environment. Each traumatic injury chapter further reinforces the tactical patient assessment process by highlighting the unique aspects of each traumatic injury. A new chapter about active assailant mass-casualty incidents has been added. In addition, law enforcement education topics for TMPs are compiled in a new appendix.

Dynamic Features

The following features enable EMS and medical professionals to take the extra step toward becoming outstanding TMPs:

  • At the Scene Advice from experienced TMPs on how to excel during a mission
  • Safety  Information on how to remain safe in the tactical environment, even under the threat of violence
  • Medical Gear  Tips on the best equipment to pack and utilize in the tactical environment
  • Detailed Step-by-Step Skill Reviews  A thorough discussion of how to perform lifesaving skills in the high-intensity tactical environment
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SpecificationsISBN: 9781284030297
| 2021
| 388 pages

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