Two Dark Thirty

Two Dark Thirty


Marc Hill

How do we react, in the darkest of nights, when lives are on the line? Responding to emergencies takes compassion and courage. The dynamic scenes that first responders encounter challenge their knowledge and abilities. How do we successfully prepare our responders for this level of action? Two Dark Thirty will answer those questions and more. Marc Hill has learned these lessons first-hand while serving as a teacher, firefighter, and paramedic. He has been responsible for developing the next generation of emergency workers and has put into writing his educational principles of leading the classroom.
Marc learned how to be a successful educator teaching in public school. His experience has taken him from teaching middle school through college instruction and every grade in between. He will share with you his vast knowledge in an easy-to-understand form. Marc will captivate you with his honest and true life stories. He will share how he has found success in the classroom and in helping inspire learning in the local heroes he has taught.

Two Dark Thirty is perfect for anyone who is a first-time officer, trainer, preceptor, teacher, or instructor. It combines a fantastic summary of educational concepts and theory mixed with true tales of real-life lessons that have taken decades to learn. Two Dark Thirty will bring you on a no-nonsense learning experience. After reading this book you will want to do more and be more than you are today.

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SpecificationsSmoky Coast Press, 2022
8 1/2" x 5 1/2" Softcover
242 pages
ISBN: 9798986989303