NFPA 1026: Standard for Incident Management Personnel Professional Qualifications 2018 ed.

Protect your community with trained and ready incident response personnel. NFPA 1026 defines Incident Management Team member qualifications for the entire incident command system.

Today's concerns for large-scale emergency incidents or events make operations considerations critical -- and underscore the need greater management oversight. NFPA 1026: Standard for Incident Management Personnel Professional Qualifications identifies the minimum Job Performance Requirements (JPRs) for personnel performing roles within an all-hazard Incident Management System (IMS).

From incident commander to ground support personnel, NFPA 1026 provides the latest JPRs.

The Job Performance Requirements (JPRs) in the Standard are consistent with, complementary to, and supportive of, the National Incident Management System (NIMS) ICS Core Competencies for:

  • Incident Commander
  • Safety Officer
  • Public Information Officer
  • Liaison Officer
  • Operations Section Chief
  • Staging Area Manager
  • Operations Branch Director
  • And many other roles

This edition of NFPA 1026 includes updated extracts and definitions. Be sure you're working with the latest information and terminology in use in the field today.

Throughout the incident command system -- from initial local response to multi-jurisdiction situations -- every member of an Incident Management Team (IMT) should be qualified through this NFPA Standard. (Print, 100 pp., 2018)

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SpecificationsNFPA, 2018
8 1/2" x 11", softcover
93 pages
ISBN: 9781455919314