NFPA 1402: Guide to Building Fire Service Training Centers 2012 ed.

Design and construct state-of-the-art fire service training centers for safety and effectiveness guided by NFPA 1402.

Fully updated and revised for today's field, NFPA 1402: Guide to Building Fire Service Training Centers addresses the design and construction of facilities for fire training, including:

  • Administration and support facilities
  • Drill towers
  • Burn buildings
  • Smoke buildings
  • Facilities for outside simulations

Changes in this edition include:

  • Revised Chapter 7: Designing Facilities provides added guidance on information gathering and decision-making for facility planners, designers, and owners.
  • Chapter 10: Live Fire Training Structures is reorganized and rewritten for easier use.
  • Clarification on flashover simulators -- containers used for training
  • Added specific guidance on systems used for gas props
  • Updated mock-up figures for aircraft fire suppression and rescue fire training

NFPA 1402 provides essential guidance for the planning of the main components of a training center necessary to accomplish general fire fighter training effectively, efficiently, and safely.

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SpecificationsNFPA, 2012
8 1/2" x 11", softcover
39 pages
ISBN: 9781455903061