NFPA 1964: Standard for Spray Nozzles 2018 ed.

Improve the safety and usefulness of spray nozzles and other hose-connected appliances used for fighting fire. Expanded in scope, NFPA 1964 /em> is your new one-stop source.

If spray nozzles or any hose-connected appliances fail or don't work properly on the fireground, the results can be catastrophic. NFPA 1964: Standard for Spray Nozzles provides the latest performance requirements for new adjustable-pattern spray nozzles intended for general fire-fighting use, for marine and offshore platform fire-fighting use, or for use with fire hoses affixed to standpipe systems.

This edition of the Standard is expanded in scope to address other fire hose appliances as well.

In addition to covering spray nozzles, the 2018 edition of NFPA 1964 has an expanded scope to incorporate appropriate material from the former NFPA 1965: Standard for Fire Hose Appliances. The Standard now also includes basic performance and operational requirements for fire hose appliances up to and including 150 mm (6 in.) nominal dimension designed for connection to fire hose, fire apparatus, and fire hydrants and intended for general fire service use in controlling or conveying water.

Provisions cover all the bases for spray nozzles and hose-connected appliances, including:

  • Operational design
  • Construction materials
  • Test methods
  • Compliance testing

A more comprehensive and convenient Standard, the 2018 edition of NFPA 1964 is essential for nozzle or hose appliance manufacturers as well as fire departments and companies that provide testing of fire hoses.

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SpecificationsNFPA, 2018
8 1/2" x 11", softcover
28 pages
ISBN: 9781455919581