NFPA 1982: Standard on Personal Alert Safety Systems (PASS) 2013 ed.

New requirements for PASS in the 2013 NFPA 1982 improve responder safety. Stay up-to-date!

Personal Alert Safety Systems (PASS) make it possible for emergency responders to signal for help if they get lost, disoriented, trapped, injured, or run out of breathing air while operating at an emergency.

Provisions in NFPA 1982: Standard on Personal Alert Safety Systems address labeling, design, performance, testing, and certification for PASS that monitor an emergency responder's motion and automatically emit an audible alarm if the responder becomes incapacitated -- allowing the PASS to be manually activated if assistance is needed.

The 2013 edition includes:

  • New referenced publications
  • New definitions related to signal alarms
  • Revised sections in Chapter 4 on inspection and testing of PASS devices
  • Revised design and performance requirements for PASS devices
  • New radio systems tests
  • Major Annex additions with more comprehensive explanatory material

Compliance with the 2013 edition of NFPA 1982 is essential for protecting the health and safety of emergency responders.

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SpecificationsNFPA, 2013
8 1/2" x 11", softcover
57 pages
ISBN: 9781455906093