NFPA 59: Utility LP-Gas Plant Code 2021 ed.

Get current with the latest criteria for LP-Gas utility plant safety by updating to NFPA 59, 2021 edition.

Fire, explosions, and other related dangers pose significant risks to utility gas plants with liquefied petroleum gas systems. NFPA 59, Utility LP-Gas Plant Code, works in combination with DOT regulations to provide provisions for constructing and maintaining plants that store and vaporize LP-Gas or LP-Gas–air mixtures for distribution to 10 or more customers.

This publication is a must-have for designers, facility owners/operators, AHJs and enforcers, and others with concerns for LP-Gas utility plant safety. The code covers general requirements for the design, construction, location, installation, operation, and maintenance of refrigerated and non-refrigerated liquefied petroleum utility gas plants.

NFPA 59 is a comprehensive resource for helping to protect lives and property from hazards at LP-Gas utility plants.

The Utility LP-Gas Plant Code helps improve safety and helps ensure compliance with 49 CFR 192, "Transportation of Natural and Other Gas By Pipeline: Minimum Federal Safety Standards."

The 2021 edition of NFPA 59 is revised to include a table in the retroactivity section to identify the edition in which retroactive requirements were incorporated and the effective dates of those requirements. The code also now states that, whenever purging is conducted, it is to be done in accordance with the American Gas Association’s Purging Manual.

Help make sure you and your team is ready for the modern challenges of safeguarding LP-Gas plants.

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SpecificationsNFPA, 2021
8 1/2" x 11", softcover
60 pages
ISBN: 9781455926305

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