NFPA 70B 2923

NFPA 70B: Standard for Electrical Equipment Maintenance, 2023 edition


Access the latest requirements for safe and effective electrical system maintenance to help protect your business, facility, and personnel.

NFPA® 70B, Standard for Electrical Equipment Maintenance, details preventive maintenance for electrical, electronic, and communication systems and equipment in industrial, institutional, commercial, and large residential buildings. Used in conjunction with NFPA 70E®, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace®, the document provides requirements for helping to safeguard workers, avoid equipment downtime, and reduce the cost of repairs. The biggest change to the 2023 edition is that is has been converted from a recommended practice to a standard. Changes were made throughout the document to update the provisions from recommendations to mandatory requirements.

Aspects of equipment maintenance addressed in NFPA 70B include:

  • Planning and carrying out an electrical preventive maintenance program for all types of equipment and assemblies
  • Developing specifications for installation that take maintenance into account
  • Personnel safety
  • Fundamentals of electrical equipment maintenance
  • System studies
  • Power quality
  • Testing and test methods
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment subject to long intervals between shutdowns
  • Grounding and ground-fault protection
  • Plus, detailed chapters on many different types of assemblies, equipment, cables, and devices
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NFPA, 2023
8" x 11" softcover
214 pages
ISBN: 9781455929719