NFPA 770

NFPA 770, Standard on Hybrid (Water and Inert Gas) Fire Extinguishing Systems 2021 ed.


Expand your knowledge of hybrid fire extinguishing systems with NFPA 770, first edition.

Hybrid media, created by the simultaneous discharge of fine water mist and an inert gas agent, provides a unique set of characteristics that is ideal for dispersion, extinguishment, and cooling. NFPA 770, Standard on Hybrid (Water and Inert Gas) Fire Extinguishing Systems, delivers the first document offering comprehensive requirements for the safer and more effective use of this modern means of fire suppression.

The first edition of NFPA 770 is the result of years of volunteer service by a broad cross-section of dedicated and informed professionals.

The standard was created to provide a document solely focused on hybrid systems, which represent a separate and distinct technology from either water mist or clean agent systems. Content covers everything from new terms and definitions to methods of system design, application testing and design validation, installation requirements, and inspection, testing, and maintenance procedures.

Get up to speed with performance criteria for hybrid fire extinguishing systems.

Make sure you have the latest knowledge on designing, producing, testing, using, and maintaining hybrid water and inert gas fire extinguishing systems by ordering your copy of NFPA 770, 2021 edition.

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SpecificationsNFPA, 2021
8 1/2" x 11", softcover
48 pages
ISBN: 9781455926558

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