NFPA 87 2021

NFPA 87: Standard for Fluid Heaters, 2021 edition

Help protect lives and better ensure safe equipment operation by using the 2021 edition of NFPA 87, Standard for Fluid Heaters.

NFPA 87, Standard for Fluid Heaters, was originally developed in response to requests from manufacturers, insurance companies, trade associations, and users for safety guidance for fuel-fired and electric fluid heaters. The standard provides requirements for fluid heaters to minimize fire risks and explosion hazards that can endanger fluid heaters, buildings, or personnel. NFPA 87 transitioned from a recommended practice to a standard during the 2018 edition.

Fluid heaters are used in industrial environments to heat thermal and process fluids of all types. The heated fluids are used in processes such as textile drying, pressboard manufacturing, gas sweetening, chemical synthesis, plastic molding, hot galvanizing, laminating, dry cleaning, and food processing.

Comprehensive coverage helps ensure AHJs, engineers, building owners, and maintainers are following the latest rules for:

  • Location and construction
  • Heating systems
  • Commissioning and operations
  • Maintenance, inspection, and testing
  • Heating system safety equipment and application

Updates and additions to the 2021 edition of NFPA 87 include the following:

  • New defined terms primary air, solid fuel backup burner, mechanical feeder, and flame arrestor were added to Chapter 3 to enhance user clarity.
  • Supplemental annex material for Chapter 8 was added to provide context to the existing purge volume requirement and cautions when these requirements may not be conservative.
  • To provide requirements and guidance for manufacturers and users of solid-fuel–fired fluid heaters, a new Chapter 10, Solid Fuel-Fired Heating Systems, was created.
  • Annex language was revised to clarify the intent against the use of ball valves, for thermal fluid applications, due to the risk of thermal expansion of trapped fluid.
  • A new annex figure was added to provide explanatory information on typical expansion tank instruments and appurtenances.

Help prevent loss of life, property, and production due to fluid heater fires and explosions by ordering NFPA 87, Standard for Fluid Heaters, today.

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SpecificationsNFPA, 2021
8 1/2" x 11", softcover
59 pages
ISBN: 9781455927357