3D Firefighting

Paul Grimwood, Ed Hartin, John McDonough and Shan Raffel

3D Fire Fighting brings together four tactical firefighting specialists from USA, Australia and the UK. Each author brings his own area of expertise to the publication in a way never seen before, truly from an international perspective.

This book and CD explore new approaches to tactical venting options, and fire confinement strategies. It also offers primary teaching aids relative to various forms of rapid fire progress, CFBT (Compartment Fire Behavior Training), and tactical fire attack (smooth-bore versus water-fog versus CAFS).

Read the first hand views of fire chiefs in New York City and London who debate the "venting" versus "confinement" tactics head on. Learn how to implement CFBT training in your fire department using tried and tested methods based on the original Swedish model with safe operating practices developed in the UK.

This book has been written for fire chiefs, fire administrators, engineers, or firefighters. It demonstrates how a safer and more effective approach to tackling structure fires can result in reducing the life losses dramatically, as has been shown in the countries where 3D Fire Fighting has evolved.

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SpecificationsFire Protection Publications, 2005
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
435 pages
ISBN: 978-0-87939-258-1