A Call To Save: Memoir Of A Fire Chaplain

Thomas J. Harrington

Thomas Harrington grew up in the shadow of a catholic church and a fire station. He grew up to become a priest in the Catholic Diocese of Fall River and serve as chaplain for several fire departments.

While the firefighters responded to the call to save lives, Msgr. Harrington answered his own call, to save souls. Together they worked and prayed...and shared some of the most dramatic, gut-wrenching, and awe-inspiring experiences imaginable.

From raging conflagrations, such as the Notre Dame fire in Fall River, to the solemn march through Worcester in remembrance of six brothers lost in the smoke and flames of a warehouse, Msgr. Harrington's calling has brought joy, sadness, and - above all - great admiration for the brave people of the fire service.

This book is a tribute to them.

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SpecificationsSpinner Publications, Inc., 2007
6" x 9" softcover
72 pages, 20+ photos
ISBN: 978-0-932027-97-9