Baltimore County Police Department Volume II

Commemorating the 135th Anniversary of the Baltimore County Police Department, this outstanding book features a detailed history of the department from 1874 to present day, personal interest memories, Tributes of Remembrance and Fallen Heroes, hundreds of historic and full-color photographs, personnel photos (active and retired), and much more!


  • About the Book
  • County Executive's Letter - Jim Smith
  • Chief's Letter - James W Johnson
  • Executive Corps
  • Baltimore at a Glance
  • Historical Highlights
  • History of the Agency
  • Personal Interest Memories
  • In Service to the Community - Families
  • Soldiers Behind the Badge
  • Bureaus, Precincts, Sections and Units
  • Our Fallen Heroes
  • Tributes of Remembrance
  • Departmental Personnel
  • 127th Recruit Calss
  • Roll Call
  • Special thanks
  • Crime Statistics 2006-2007
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SpecificationsAcclaim Press, 2008
9" x 12" hardcover
232 pages, color and B&W photos
ISBN: 978-1-935001-02-7

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