Burning Paradise

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Terry Hughes

Five People Murdered.

That's the latest headline in Santa Marta, CA, where a serial arsonist called Smoke is terrorizing the city. Smoke is a vicious pyromaniac whose fires have burned hundreds of homes and thousands of acres. The city's investigators are stumped, and the next target has already been chosen.

Enter Monte Raleigh, private arson investigator and former firefighter. He has an arsenal of technology and education at his command, plus a generous contract from the city's libertine mayor. But Smoke's not above taunting Monte right along with the fire department, and not everyone in Santa Marta is eager to help the investigation.

The beautiful city's three fire departments are all pointing fingers at each other, suspects are everywhere, and the only person Monte can trust is a recovering Smokejumper who reminds him of his recurring nightmare. Unable to leave his past truly behind him, Monte is driven by his losses; the only question is whether he'll be driven to success or madness.

This is a land where everyone has something to gain, and everyone has something--or someone--to lose.

This is paradise.

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SpecificationsTerry Hughes, 2011
5 1/2" x 8 1/2" softcover
262 pages
ISBN: 978-1-936178-35-3