Case Studies For Emergency Responders

S. Joseph Woodall, Jeff Thomas

Designed to demonstrate how interpersonal challenges of emergency medical response personnel and the people they serve can be proactively addressed and effectively conquered.

Appropriate for practicing professionals and students alike, this book features case studies spanning a variety of topics including customer service, incident command, safety, interagency cooperation, internal and external communications, health and wellness, grief, and learned helplessness.

Additional areas covered are advocacy, psych patients, EMS protocols, standard operating procedures, cultural issues, team dynamics, interpersonal skills, risk management, public private partnerships, and public education.

Case Studies throughout the book encourage readers to problem solve by providing examples that show how certain decisions can either positively or negatively affect the final outcome of a variety of emergency situations.

This book is designed so readers can learn from both positive and negative decisions. It shows the affects of short-sighted, mundane and unprofessional interactions with patients, between team members, and with other public safety agencies - and the impact they may have. Case studies provided allow the reader to build knowledge and reflect, leading to meaningful discussions and dialogue in a variety of environments.

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  • "Problem Solving" sections provide a decision making formula to assist the reader in evaluating situations and making appropriate decisions;
  • "Rest of the Story" sections help readers work their way through the 'problem solving' portion by providing them with the 'rest of the story' to give them more perspective for the next section;
  • The "Discussion" sections aid readers in exploring different outcomes and observations for each case study, and asks probing questions designed to draw out critical discussion;
  • In the "Skill Building" section, the authors carefully work through a series of tips and insights that provide readers with new skills;
  • Case Studies provide multiple suggestions on how to handle an emergency situation, encouraging readers to think by providing examples that show how decisions can positively or negatively affect the outcome and impact their job.
SpecificationsDelmar Cengage Learning, 2010
5 1/2" x 8 1/2" softcover
337 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4180-5359-8