Collapse Operations for First Responders

John O'Connell, (Ret.) FDNY

Collapse Operations for First Responders discusses in detail the common warning signs of structural collapse and what to do when they are encountered, providing a practical, hands-on approach to operating safely and effectively in collapse rescue situations.

Discussion is chiefly directed toward one of the most common types of structures around the country, wood and brick-and-joist (ordinary-constructed) buildings, known as URM (unreinforced masonry) construction.

Various types of shoring and cribbing techniques vital to collapse rescue operations, as well as void size-up, safety at collapse operations, tools used in voids, and void procedures are explored.

Collapse Operations for First Responders is a must-have resource for firefighters, officers, chiefs, and technical rescue response personnel.

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  • Introduction
  • Warning signs and safety precautions
  • Collapse patterns and causes of collapse
  • Building construction related to building failure
  • Initial response
  • Surface and void search operations
  • Shoring operations overview
  • Personnel uses and training
  • Tools and equipment
  • Rigging basics and working with heavy equipment
  • Concrete operations
  • Incident command
  • Glossary
SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2011
7" x 10" hardcover
206 pages, B&W photos and illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-59370-263-2

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