Command and Control: ICS Book 1, 2/e

Burton Phelps, Robert Murgallis

This book covers incident scene decision-making in depth; provides techniques to enhance a firefighter's ability to make rapid, correct decisions based on knowledge of various types of occupancies; and addresses the development of strategy and tactics and the size-up process.

This book presents the Incident Command System (ICS) from the perspective of day-to-day application.

While branch operations, complex command, and area command are discussed in the book, the ICS presented in this book principally addresses those functions needed to handle the majority of incidents to which firefighters respond.

Specific information common to types or groups of occupancies is presented with examples, and reader activities are included in each chapter. Occupancy specific cues, cue-based decision-making, incident management cues, and strategy and tactics are provided for each occupancy type covered in the text.

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Chapters: 1. Introduction 2. Incident Scene Decision Making 3. Practical Application of ICS 4. Safety 5. Introduction to Building Construction 6. Single-Family Unattached Dwellings 7. Garden Apartments 8. Strip Shopping Centers 9. Vacant Commercial Buildings 10. Lumberyards 11. Small Hotels and Boarding Houses 12. Enclosed Malls 13. Safety 14. Resource Management

SpecificationsFPP, 2012
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
384 pages, color and B&W photos and illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-87939-455-4

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