Procedure Manual 2020

Criminal Procedure Manual 2020


John Sofis Scheft, Esq.

The comprehensive law enforcement reference on Massachusetts criminal procedure – including constitutional principles and court decisions on stop and frisk, traffic stops, arrests, searches, interrogations and identifications.

Key topics include:

  • Exclusionary rule issues
  • Police encounters
  • Detentions
  • Traffic stops and jurisdiction
  • Exit orders and marijuana Issues
  • Frisks
  • Arrests (with and without warrants)
  • Searches (with and without warrants)
  • Electronic evidence (incl. cell phones and GPS)
  • Interrogations
  • Identifications

Includes Miranda/Showup ID Card!

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SpecificationsLaw Enforcement Dimensions, 2020
7" x 9" spiral bound
454 pages
ISBN: 9781944630263