Cry Fire - Short Stories of a N.Y.C. Firefighter

Andrew Ashurst

Cry Fire, is the true story of a FDNY fire company located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn during the late 1960's and early 1970's - a time of unrest and racial strife.

At that time firefighting companies responded to a staggering increase in alarms. These alarms included structural fires, false alarms, minor fires and emergencies. During these times firefighters were subject to buildings being booby trapped, and firefighters being ambushed, where their means of exiting streets were cutoff with debris and missiles thrown off roofs at them, which included Molotov cocktails.

They also had bricks and stones thrown at them as they responded to fires. The old time respect for firefighters in certain areas disappeared, It was if firefighters were working in a different country, not the same country that most of us knew in days gone by. Now we were the enemy, not the men that saved lives and property.

To some it didnít matter that we were the men who would risk our lives to save possibly people of their own families. Most people in these areas were decent and law abiding people, but then there were the others.

This book has been long in coming. But the story had to be told. If anything, for those Brothers who lost their lives trying to help others. This book is dedicated to them and their families. G-d Bless them all.

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About the Author: Andrew Ashurst became a New York City Firefighter in 1967. After probationary school he was sent to Engine Company 216 located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

He dedicates this book to firefighters everywhere, paid or volunteer, and to those men with Engine 216, Ladder 108, the 35th Battalion and the 11th Division that he had the honor to work with and to all his brothers who lost their lives at the World Trades Center September 11, 2001.

This book is also dedicated to all the families of firefighters and emergency response teams everywhere, and especially to those who lost their loved ones in the performance of their duties.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be contributed to The New York City Firefighters Burn Unit.

6" x 9" softcover
193 pages
ISBN: 1-4107-1929-4