Day in the Life of a US Air Force Fire Fighter

Bob Adams

Author Bob Adams chronicles his exploits as a fire fighter in the U.S. Air Force in these interesting and exciting memoirs.

Acting on his childhood dream to enlist in the armed forces, Adams pursued a career in the Air Force out of college but after failing the eye test, he became an intelligence officer before ultimately landing in the fire brigade.

Assigned to Carswell AFB on July 10, 1959, Adams tells of the life and times of a fire fighter during wartime, including the thrills of surviving hundreds of fire emergencies and chasing dozens of aircrafts down the runway during his time at the base.

Adams relays the ups and downs of his millitary career and how he learned to make every day in the Fire Department count as if it were his last.

The book also contains photographs of Air Force fire fighters and apparatuses during the height of the Cold War.

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SpecificationsBob Adams, 2014
6" x 9" softcover
78 pages, black & white photos
ISBN: 978-1-49317-954-1