Drawn By Fire

Paul Combs

Readers will find that this book is more than a collection of 156 fire service editorial cartoons. Paul Combs is a gifted artist who uses his talent as a tool to express his passion for making a difference in the fire service, the greatest job in the world.


  • Foreword by Chief Billy Goldfeder
  • Introduction by Rick Lasky
  • Passion, Tools and Cartoons by Paul Combs
  • Stop Posing and Lead
  • Safe is a Four-Letter Word
  • Politics and Thumbscrews
  • You Mean Thatís Important, Too?
  • Training, Who Needs It?
  • Brotherhood Means BROTHERHOOD!
  • Tailboard Talk, and Other Idle Gossip
  • Only You Can Fight Forest Fires
  • You Want Me to Take Care of Sick People?
  • The Day Our Hearts Broke
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Specifications Fire Engineering, 2010
10" x 8" hardcover
180 pages, color illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-59370-243-4

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