Duty Honor Courage

Janie Hall

John Whittenburg, born in 1880 in a covered wagon, went to work at age fourteen earning his own living. In 1904, at age twenty-four, he was hired by the Fort Worth, Texas fire department because of his ability to handle horses and the horse drawn fire wagon.

His leadership qualities led to promotions. His integrity led to being highly respected by his peers and community. John retired in 1947, as Battalion Chief after 43 years of service.

In 1972, he was again honored as the oldest living fireman at age ninty-two.

The information from his original Chief's log, when he opened #12 fire station, along with family history, pictures and newspaper articles are woven together with fictitious dialogue.

John's story takes place when the fire department had no formal training. The men learned as they fought the fires. Anyone interested in history, true stories, biographies or firefighters will enjoy reading Duty Honor Courage.

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SpecificationsJanie Hall, 2010
6" x 9" softcover
257 pages, some B&W photos
ISBN: 978-1-4520-0677-2