Effective Supervisory Practices 5/e


This edition incorporates the latest information on leadership, organizational change, values and diversity, interpersonal relations, communication, management, and ethics in a sound framework for supervision.

The text pays particular attention to those issues that affect public servants working with citizens, fostering a positive public image, understanding the local government budget, and dealing with regulations that affect local governments. The result is a unique blend of theory and practice based on ICMA’s many years of research and experience in local government management.

This updated fifth edition of Effective Supervisory Practices addresses situations that supervisors are likely to encounter in an increasingly diverse workplace and community:

  • Setting priorities
  • Working with the budget
  • Communicating with employees
  • Providing quality customer service
  • Leading change

Supervisors will learn how to deal with common problems and tricky situations, including managing time and stress and giving constructive feedback. Most importantly, supervisors will learn how to provide leadership and vision, establish self-discipline, foster teamwork, and maintain open lines of communication.

One of the most difficult things supervisors have to do is adapt to a changing environment. With Effective Supervisory Practices, supervisors will learn skills that enable them to prepare themselves and their employees for change and to recognize and act on new opportunities as they arise.

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SpecificationsICMA, 2013
8" x 8" softcover
336 pages
ISBN: 978-0-87326-774-8