Emergency Responder: Advanced First Aid for Non-EMS Personnel

Chris Le Baudour

Emergency Responder: Advanced First Aid for Non-EMS Personnel is not just another first-aid book. Designed for working professionals, this flexible program blends textbook with online modules and instructor-led hands-on training events.

Drawing from years of experience training and developing emergency response teams, the author covers the most important skills needed in order to effectively respond to life-threatening events. Establishing a foundation in the basic concepts of emergency medical care, the text presents in a logical, easy-to-follow format many of the most common illnesses and injuries responders are likely to encounter.

Emergency Responder: Advanced First Aid for Non-EMS Personnel is an important component of a complete training program for responders who are trained to provide first aid before EMS personnel arrive.

Regardless of the responder's primary occupations - law enforcement officer, firefighter, life guard, corrections officer, corporate response team member, security officer, park ranger, or other - this program is designed to provide users with the kowledge and skills necessary to take them beyond basic first aid training so they can provide the best care possible.

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Each chapter in Emergency Responder begins–with the same four elements.

- Comprehensive Learning Objectives provide a solid foundation for the concepts and skills you are expected to learn and perform.

- A list of Key Terms introduce new vocabulary essential to your overall understanding of the content. - An Introduction sets the stage for the instructional narrative that follows.

- The Emergency features scenarios that place you at the scene of a realistic emergency and ask what you might feel, think, say, and do as you apply your new found knowledge.

Each chapter ends–with a comprehensive review of concepts and skills.

- Each chapter concludes with a The Hand-Off feature which brings closure to the opening scenario, The Emergency, in a way that applies all you’ve learned in the chapter.

- Chapter Review, a concise review of the chapter’s key points, and a Quick Quiz, which offers multiple-choice questions that help test key concepts and information covered.

Helpful study aids are offered–within the chapter as well.

- Quick Checks intersperse open-ended questions throughout the text. The Quick Check will help you stop, think, and apply the information you’ve just read.

- Learning Objectives right beside the corresponding sections of the chapter, and Key Terms and definitions are placed where each one is first introduced and discussed.

- An Instructor’s Resource CD contains tools to customize a training program specifically for your needs. - Students can access online course material as an adjunct to textbook learning.

SpecificationsPearson Education / Brady, 2012
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
288 pages, color illustrations and photos
ISBN: 978-0-13-171214-0