Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement

Kevin M. Gilmartin, Ph.D.

Subtitled "A Guide for Officers and Their families", this book is designed to help law enforcement professionals overcome the internal assaults they experience both personally and organizationally over the course of their careers.

These assaults can transform idealistic and committed officers into angry, cynical individuals, leading to significant problems in both their personal and professional lives.

Officers and their families can experience a law enforcement career as emotional survivors instead of falling by the wayside as victims of predictable and preventable challenges.

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About the Author: Dr. Kevin M. Gilmartin is a behavioral scientist specializing in law enforcement related issues. He is a principal and co-founder of Gilmartin, Harris, and Associates, a behavioral sciences/management consulting company specializing in law enforcement/public safety consultation.

He previously spent twenty years working in law enforcement in Tucson, Arizona. During his tenure he supervised the Hostage Negotiations Team and the Behavioral Sciences Unit. He is a former recipient of the International Association of Chiefs of Police-Parade Magazine, National Police Officer Citation Award for contributions during hostage negotiations.

SpecificationsES Press, 2002
6" x 9" softcover
143 pages
ISBN: 0-9717254-0-3