EMS Field Guide, ALS version 19/e


The original EMS Field Guide has grown into the most used reference guide in EMS history. This is the guide that EMS Magazine calls "The original and still the best."

At only 3"x5" it easily fits in your pocket, has color-coded tabs, and is waterproof, alcohol-fast and durable. This guide is an essential tool for Paramedics.

The Nineteenth Edition EMS Field Guide® ALS version features:

  • New and Updated 2010 AHA Algorithms
  • New pediatric, adult, and maternal cardiac arrest algorithms
  • Updated Poisons, Emergency Medications, and Spanish sections
  • Updated Pediatric Medications
  • Revised Common Drugs section
  • New images
  • Easier-to-read ECG rhythm images
  • Straightforward Medical Emergency treatments
  • Updated CPR per 2010 AHA Guidelines

    Topics covered include Airway, Trauma, ACLS, Medical, Poisons, Emergency Medications, Peds, Spanish, Drugs, Abbreviations.

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SpecificationsJones & Bartlett Learning, 2011
3" x 5" waterproof softcover
185 pages
ISBN: 978-1-890495-57-2

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