The Fire Apparatus of the Syracuse Fire Department, 2nd edition


Tom W. Shand and David B. Reeves

This updated 120-page book traces the history and development of firefighting vehicles operated by the Syracuse, New York Fire Department from its inception through the most recent delivery.  This new edition has an additional 24 pages and is heavily illustrated with historical and contemporary photos, and contains a wealth of facts and data.

Follow the history of the apparatus used by one of the most innovative fire departments in the country – the Syracuse Fire Department.

From the earliest days of the paid department in 1877, through the 40’s, 50’s, the “war years” of the turbulent 1960’s and on to the modern ISO Class 1 fire department they are today . . . all the rigs are here, and the stories behind them.

From horse-drawn to motorized, from Ahrens-Foxes to Mini-Pumpers and Sutphen Aerial Towers, it’s all here – authoritatively told and profusely illustrated.

Co-authors Tom Shand and 37-year veteran SFD District Chief Dave Reeves have unearthed a treasure-trove of photographs and all the background history to go with them.

This long-awaited and often-requested book is THE source for factual data, fascinating historical information, and fabulous photographs of the apparatus of the Syracuse Fire Department. A must-have addition to your library.

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Contents: *The Early Years of the Paid Department 1877-1914 *The Motorized Era 1915-1930 *The Great Depression and World War II 1931-1949 *The Department Rebuilds 1950-1959 *The War Years 1960-1969 *Chief Thomas Hanlon - Change and Reorganization 1970-1985 *The Rescue Company *The Squad Company *The Tradition Continues *Syracuse Airport Fire Protection *Innovations *Apparatus Assignments
SpecificationsTom W. Shand and David B. Reeves, 2021
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
120 pages, B&W & color photos

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