Firefighter Candidate Exams 8/e


James J. Murtagh and Darryl Haefner

This revised and updated manual presents practice exams similar to those given to firefighter candidates in cities and communities across America. The book opens with a description of the firefighter’s role, the important terminology he must understand, and the physical, medical, and written tests he must be able to pass for qualification. General advice and information for prospective firefighters includes physical fitness standards, and learning to recognize and correct weaknesses in visualization, spatial orientation, and more. A brand-new chapter in this edition covers mechanical reasoning, which today’s firefighter must be able to command. Features that follow include:

  • A preliminary diagnostic exam
  • Information on revised exams (CPAT)
  • Advice on what a successful firefighter candidate should do to prepare before taking the exam
  • Six full-length practice exams
  • All test questions answered and explained


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SpecificationsBarron's Educational Series, 2017
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
464 pages
ISBN: 9781438008868

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