Firefighting During World War II

Paul Ditzel

From one of the most prolific fire book author, Paul Ditzel, comes perhaps his most exciting book ever. The Pulitzer Prize nominee has now written about the wartime fires, and the firefighters who put them out.

We visit Pearl Harbor as the U.S. Navy fireboat Hoga tries to quench the flames after the Japanese attack. Was it sabotage when the Normandie burned in N.Y. harbor?

Read about the billion dollar fire in Bombay that changed the course of the war.

Feel the heat of the German blitz that tried to destroy London and was fought by 273,000 firefighters.

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SpecificationsFire Buff House, 1994
5 1/2" x 8 1/2" softcover
143 pages, 104 B&W photos
ISBN: 0-925165-16-6

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