Fire Investigation

Russell K. Chandler

Learn the process of investigative response to a fire scene with the practical explanations and insightful case studies offered in this book.

Straight-forward and reader friendly Fire Investigation provides the student as well as the practicing firefighter and fire officer with the essential information to successfully respond to, investigate and report on a fire scene.

With clear and concise explanations and illustrative examples, this text walks the reader through the logical steps necessary to determine the fire origin and cause - from understadning the roles and responsibilities of the investigator on scene and how the investigator works with other response teams; to information gathering based on clues, interviews and other resources; to the final documentation, conclusion and report.

Written by a practicing fire professional, Fire Investigation provides the reader with the fundamental knowledge needed to conduct a successful fire investigation.

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  • Learn the process of fire investigation as you step through the chapters – each presented in a logical, straight-forward approach that will facilitate comprehension of the even the most technical content
  • Check your compliance to national standards and guidelines with correlations to NFPA Standard 1033, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator (2009 Edition) and the National Fire Academy FESHE course requirements for Fire Investigation I and II
  • New section on organization and use of the IBC enables readers to navigate easily through this code
  • Understand your role as the investigator and how you work with other response teams with chapters highlighting the responsibilities and governing standards for fire investigation
  • Listen to the voice of experience as you read through real life case scenarios which open each chapter and highlight important lessons learned Stay safe on the fireground even after the fire is extinguished with an important chapter on safety as well as Safety Tips integrated throughout the book
  • Establish protocol for the fire department at which you work with practical advice and guidelines for investigative actions
  • Develop your critical-thinking skills with discussion questions at the end of each chapter that provide a follow-up to the lessons learned in the chapter
SpecificationsDelamar / Cengage Learning
8" x 9 1/2" softcover
531 pages
B&W photos & illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-4180-0960-1