Fire Prevention Inspection and Code Enforcement, 3rd ed. (Delmar)


David Diamantes

Updated to reflect the 2006 ICC and Uniform Fire Codes.

This book features step-by-step explanations and practical examples of the use of model building and fire prevention codes, including detailed information on the legal, economic, and political aspects of the fire inspection process.

A comprehensive guide to the "nuts and bolts" of actually inspecting and enforcing code, topics addressed include: right of entry, enforcement authority, the permit system, building limits and types of construction, and fire protection systems and their maintenance.

Its convenient, 3-part format enables readers to progress logically from the study of code administration, inspection, and enforcement procedures. Ideal for use as a key component of any professional fire-inspector training program.This book also serves as an excellent reference for building and property maintenance inspectors.


  • All information is up-to-date and based on current model building and fire codes, including: 2006 International Building and Fire Codes, 2006 Uniform Fire Code, and Life Safety Code/NFPA 5000 codes;
  • Coverage of recent events, as well as new construction materials and technology bring readers up to date with the latest fire prevention concerns a new section on organization and use of the IBC enables readers to navigate easily through this code;
  • Coverage of NFPA 1031 Job Performance Requirements (JPRs) including a correlation to the content in the text, providing readers with all of the information they need to prepare successfully for professional certification;
  • The history and organization of building and fire codes is reviewed, and offer valuable insights into the evolution of modern codes and their role in fire prevention today
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Contents:Section 1: Fire Prevention through Regulation Chapter 1 Code Administration Chapter 2 Inspection Section 2: The Building Code Chapter 3 Use and Occupancy Chapter 4 Building Limitations and Types of Construction Chapter 5 Fire Restrictive Construction Elements Chapter 6 Installation of Fire Protection Systems Chapter 7 Means of Egress Chapter 8 Interior Finish Requirements Section 3: The Fire Prevention Code Chapter 9 General Fire Safety Provisions Chapter 10 Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems Chapter 11 Means of Egress Maintenance for Occupancies Chapter 12 Hazardous Materials Chapter 13 Flammable Liquids and Aerosols Chapter 14 Detonation and Deflagration Hazards Chapter 15 Hazardous Assembly Occupancies Chapter 16 Other Storage and Processing Occupancies Chapter 17 Compressed Gases and Cyrogenic Liquids Chapter 18 Pesticides and Other Health Hazards Chapter 19 Using Referenced Standards Appendix A Equivalents, Conversion Charts, and Related Mathematics Appendix B Numerical Index - National Fire Codes Contents Appendix C Alphabetical Index - National Fire Codes
SpecificationsDelmar/Cengage Learning, 2007 8" x 9 1/2" hardcover
312 pages
ISBN: 1-4180-0944-X