Fire Prevention Applications For The Company Officer

Brett Lacey, Paul Valentine

Fire Prevention Application for Company Officers is a condensed version of the original Fire Prevention Applications manual that is intended for use by company officers and other line fire personnel who are not full-time fire prevention officers.

It provides basic fire prevention information to help street level personnel recognize critical fire prevention issues that may be easily corrected or that require the attention of assigned fire prevention personnel.

This text is ideal for company officer training classes and promotional testing.

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Chapters: 1. The Impact of Fire Prevention on Fire Department Operations 2. The Need for Fire Prevention 3. Codes, Standards, and Ordinances 4. Conducting Company Level Inspections 5. Building Construction and Occupancy Classification 6. Egress Fundamentals – An Overview 7. Fire Protection Systems 8. Preincident Planning 9. General Fire Safety Requirements 10. Complex Hazards and Safety Requirements 11. Construction Document Review 12. Company-Level Fire Inspections 13. Fire and Life Safety Education 14. Company-Level Standby Life Safety Duties 15. Wildland Risk Management

SpecificationsFire Protection Publications, 2010
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
368 pages, color photos
ISBN: 978-0-87939-384-7

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