Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply Analysis 3/e

Pat D Brock

For use in engineering, technology, and fire science classrooms or as a useful resource for engineers, design professionals, fire marshals, and insurance industry personnel working in the areas of water supply or sprinkler analysis and design.

This 3rd edition of Hydraulics covers the characteristics of water and the principles of hydrostatics and hydrokinetics. It explains how to determine friction loss within water systems, test water supply systems, and prepare hydraulics calculations.

Hydraulics also gives methods for testing, inspecting, and maintaining fire pump installations.

This new edition offers additional examples for many of the chapters. More questions have been added to the ends of most chapters.

References to fire protection water supply demands have been updated to match the requirements of the latest codes and standards.

Also, a new chapter has been added to define and address the components that compose a typical water distribution system.

A must for anyone working with water supplies or sprinkler systems.

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SpecificationsFPP, 2012
8 1/2" x 11 softocover
390 pages, color and B&W photos and diagrams
ISBN: 978-0-8793-9445-5

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