The Fire Smart Home Handbook

Clyde Soles

Devastating wildfires are increasing in size and ferocity nationwide. If you live in or near wilderness, sooner or later fire will happen.

Fortunately you can prepare for it, and preparations don't have to cost a fortune.

This highly detailed and practical guide will help you live safely in the wildfire zone and save you time and money along the way, providing various methods of risk mitigation along with the financial level of each action.

Learn how wildfires behave and are fought, how to evaluate your property, what essential tools you’ll need, what they cost, how to prepare your land and home—including tips on avoiding insurance nightmares—what to do when it’s time to evacuate, how to clean up after a fire, and even how to survive when things go wrong.

This book will help you create a survivable space that will not only enhance the scenery but may increase the value of your home. Be Fire Smart, and you'll greatly improve your odds of surviving a major conflagration.

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SpecificationsLyons Press, 2014
5.5" x 8" softcover
288 pages, B&W photos
ISBN: 978-0-7627-9690-8

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