Full Contact Leadership

Full-Contact Leadership


Edward Flood and Anthony Avillo

Full-Contact Leadership is written for men and women who hold leadership positions or aspire to leadership roles in the fire service.

There are many leadership positions in the fire service, but not all of them are held by leaders. Leadership has very little to do with the color of your helmet, the bling on your collar, the stripes on your sleeve, the title on your door, the order of march, or the crease in your pants. Full-contact leadership is a commitment to drawing out the very best within others and allowing the very best in others to be expressed as excellence. Full-contact leadership is a career-long, ever-challenging, never-ending, self-initiated, self-sustained personal research, development, and improvement program. Full-contact leadership is never about you; it’s always about them.

In Full-Contact Leadership, Chiefs Flood and Avillo examine what makes a leader and, more importantly, what makes a leader effective in today’s fire service. This text discusses the various types of leaders, how they communicate, discipline, delegate, motivate, and set expectations for the people they lead. Flood and Avillo also take a hard look at what hinders or blocks effective leadership and what steps to take to foster and instill leadership in your department.

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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2017
6" x 9" hardcover
318 pages
ISBN: 9781593703981

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