Guide to Boston Fire Apparatus

Jack Calderone

This book features every first-line rig in the entire Boston Fire Department fleet and is complete up to February 28, 1994. A picture appears of each piece, with a descriptive line - year, manufacturer, gpm and tank size (for pumpers), aerial height (for ladder companies).

In addition to the 34 engine companies and 21 ladder companies, the following are pictured: Brush Fire Units 1 & 2, Tower Unit, Squrt Unit, Rescues 1 & 2, Collapse Rescue Unit (both sections), Tunnel Rescue Units (H-4 and H-5), Special Unit, Special Hazards Response Unit, Communications Unit, Air Supply Unit, Mask Repair Unit, Wrecker, Fuel Truck, Portable Maze and Marine Units (Firefighter, St. Florian and St. Florian II).

Also, representative spares are shown as well as some company patches.

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SpecificationsFire Apparatus Journal, 1994
5 1/2" x 8 1/2" softcover
48 pages, 90 color photos