Hybrid & Plugin Procedure Guide, 2/e Pocket Guide

Patrick T. Bonanno, Michael Mosher

This new 2nd Edition procedure guide contains Approach - Identification - Immobilize & Disable Procedures covering 49 new model Hybrids and Electric Plugin Vehicles.

Includes procedures for 43 cars, 3 buses and 3 of the most popular truck models on the road today!

Along with Step by Step high voltage / SRS shut down procedures this guide displays 3-D color vehicle images showing you Hybrid Logo/Emblem Identification locations, all high voltage system component locations including high voltage battery service disconnect switch locations, high voltage cable routing, 12v battery and fuse box locations.

This is the most complete, up to date safety procedure guide we offer.

The General Guidelines and Warnings section is packed with information to keep you and those around you safe as well as towing and storage information for vehicles containing high voltage battery packs.

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SpecificationsHybrid Hazards, 2012
6" x 9" spiral bound
55 pages